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Next gen maintenance trades are polished professional service providers. They develop lifelong relationships with clients who value care and hospitality.

Reputation is everything, making every client interaction count.

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Legendary Plumbers

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Tradies know that a shift is coming. Some are moving into higher-end boutique home builds, or increased maintenance jobs, as volume home gigs and larger-scale renovations drop off. Now, service is king.

Homeowners are planning to live longer in their current properties, making repeat maintenance jobs a profitable stream of income. Service and hospitality are prioritised as ways to win repeat work and positive word-of mouth.

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For clients who can afford to build from scratch, it’s a luxury. Rising labour and material costs are sweetened by an elevated service experience that makes the process feel ‘worth it’.

Going the extra mile in service reinforces the quality and expertise of the finished product and reminds clients that trades care about their home, which is one of the most important and costly things they will ever invest in.

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What is influencing this theme?

Demand for maintenance

New residential builds are down 10.4% YOY due to increasing materials costs and unfavourable timelines. Many people are maintaining what they've got.

ABS Building Activity Report, Sept 2023

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Bespoke builds become luxury

Because of increased materials, labour and borrowing costs, the sweet spot for new builds is $1.5-2 million. Service levels need to level up to make rising costs feel worth it.

Future Tradie Report 2024 survey, Oct-Nov 2023

Maintenance trades are investing in service-based training and tech to improve client experiences.

Traditionally, trades small businesses hire more labourers when their existing teams are bursting with the number of jobs on the go—and many still do.

Once they have worked out their service rhythms, frontrunners are automating parts of customer service using software and technology.

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Businesses that are winning through service are hiring staff before they need them, so they have time to train them properly before they represent the brand.

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A Team Painting Professionals


of surveyed tradies think providing excellent service for clients is what makes their business competitive.

  1. Painters (52)
  2. Electricians (46)
  3. Builders (40)
  4. Carpenters (39)
  5. Plumbers (38)

Future Tradie Report 2024 survey, Oct-Nov 2023

Communicating with clients and others on a job takes time and effort. As a result, interactions can be clunky and erratic—the opposite of good service. 

Clients want speedy replies and clear cost breakdowns detailing exactly what they are getting (and when), to build trust and help with decision-making.

Uber-style updates, online booking systems and access to cloud-based systems that let any team member understand the job make things feel smooth and sophisticated.

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Elite Building Services

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Nurturing clients on the journey
legendary plumbing
Mitch uses tech, training and bold branding to win maintenance gigs in affluent areas.

A background in real estate means Mitch brings superior service to the business, started with his brother, a licensed plumber.

Legendary provides a superior service, thanks to in-depth training, timely digitised customer communications, and the vibrant yellow brand and neat uniforms.

Newbies train for two weeks before hitting the road, so nobody has a bad experience and Legendary's reputation is never damaged.

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Legendary Plumbers

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Professional service pays off

“People feel confident going with you when you’re organised, when you put them first. Our guys turn up in a uniform, in a branded vehicle, with a proper system for getting work done.”

Mitch Boerner, Legendary Plumbing

of surveyed tradies working in affluent areas are confident sticking to that type of work for their whole career.

This drops to 41% in less affluent areas.

Future Tradie Report 2024 survey, Oct-Nov 2023

How are future tradies responding?
Service Steward

Building their brand based on service

Tradespeople are polite, punctual, well-presented and clean up after themselves. This contributes to brand-building through positive word-of-mouth.

Niche Specialist

Stepping through cost-benefit analysis

They know their clients are new to their subject area, so need easy-to-understand explanations. Often, this means explaining things like the long-term value of passive housing.

business optimiser

Measuring word of mouth leads

They know the impact this can have on their business and carefully monitor the impact of great service on lead generation, so they can reduce marketing expenditure.


What can you do?

Start Doing

Support customers to build a strong brand through branding products and services

Uniforms, branded handover documents and gifts for customers’ clients help level up service experience.

Plan For

Help tradies to improve service through systems and processes

Communication platforms, invoicing and quoting and job management that can help tradies offer great service.​

consider in future

A way for tradies to verify that their business offers a great service

Reward tradies who are doing things well by verifying their business offers quality service and experiences for their clients. 

Start Doing

Build service education into
and career
development points

Provide information about what service-led business means and how they can build its principles into their own business.

Plan For

Service inspiration, standards and frameworks that can be used day-to-day

Invite professionals from other areas of service to present to tradespeople e.g., hospitality, luxury goods, luxury automotive.

consider in future

Connect tradies to service specialists in other industries

This could look like inspiration sessions featuring professionals from other industries, or networking with service providers.

Start Doing

Define great service standards for your business

Develop a signature service offering that makes your business stand out. Engage your team to help do this, so they really own putting it into action.

Plan For

Encourage referrals and word of mouth business from happy clients

Thanking or rewarding customers who share their positive experiences with others encourages them to spread the word. Tracking word of mouth enquiries will help you understand what's working.

consider in future

Borrow from other businesses delivering great customer service

Go outside of your industry for inspiration from luxury goods, cars or fine dining and think, what could you do differently?

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