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Everything you want to know about why this report exists, how we gather insights and what we offer beyond this website.

Why should I read the Future Tradie report?

The Future Tradie Report will help you understand the emerging generation of residential tradies, who are starting businesses in the next five years.

You will get an understanding of what they care about, how they behave and how they want to work—so you can prepare your business to help them succeed.

Who’s behind the Future Tradie report?

The Future Tradie Report was created by three businesses that operate in the trades, construction and home renovation space:

  • Trout - Australia’s only agency that specialises in building the living brands that shape the world we live and work in.
  • Next - Australia’s leading innovation consultancy that focuses on trades and the built environment.
  • Superseed - A ventures fund dedicated to investing in trade tech startups.

These three businesses are part of the Reece Group.

Our corporate partners helped us find tradespeople to weigh in on the future.

You say you know the future.
how does that work?

This report is put together using foresight methodologies. Foresight combines looking at what's happening currently in the world, with what is likely to happen in the future, to make credible predictions.

What methodology was used?

The Future Tradie Report combines quantitative and qualitative studies with desktop research, along with speaking to industry experts.

We screened over 20 trades business leaders and selected 13 trailblazers for in-depth interviews. We also spoke to three industry experts who deal with tradespeople every day.

Our survey gathered data from 1,075 trades professionals across Australia—plumbers, builders, bricklayers, carpenters, painters, HVAC installers, and electricians.

Beyond that, we analysed public-access data via ABS, industry bodies and more.

For more information on the methodology, download the full report.

When will the next report be released?

The themes and mindsets in the Future Tradie Report 2024 are relevant for the next five years, so we don't plan on releasing another report soon.

If you would like to be involved in the next report, please drop us a line at

I want your team to help my business innovate. How does that work?

We work with Australia's leading trades, construction, renovation and homemaking businesses, to help them look for opportunities for impact.

Big or small, we'd love to hear from you. To reach out, email us at

Download the full report to explore all themes and mindsets for 2024.