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The Future Tradie Report 2024 is Australia's first foresight report shining a flashlight on emerging residential trades small businesses.
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Dedicated research diving into tradies’ values, ambitions and hurdles lets us forecast tomorrow by speaking with the change-makers of today.

The report considers the major forces influencing our industries, from economic shifts, to the changing role of work.

Survey data and interview insights are brought together in five themes, complete with opportunities for brands, businesses and governing bodies to drive impact.

Four tradie mindsets show how tradies will make decisions at work, available in the full downloadable report.

The report covers:


A theme is a pattern or movement that is taking shape in the industry.


An opportunity is a path of action an organisation or small business could take, to win.


A mindset is how a tradie thinks, works and approaches challenges in their business.

Download the full report to explore all themes and mindsets for 2024.
Next is Australia’s leading innovation consultancy focused on trades and the built environment.
Trout is Australia's leading brand and creative agency, specialising in the home, construction and built environment sectors.
Superseed Ventures is a venture capital fund focused on investing and scaling trade tech startups.
Corporate partners

The Future Tradie Report has been put together in collaboration with our corporate partners.

These businesses understand the best way to support tradies is to anticipate what’s coming.