Future Tradie Report
A snapshot of the behaviours and beliefs of the new generation of Australian trades.
Discover what they need to succeed and where organisations can help, now and for the next five years.
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The Future Tradie Report 2024 is Australia’s first foresight report shining a light on emerging residential trades small businesses.

A printed version of the report.
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The report is informed by a dedicated research study that deep-dives into tradies’ values, ambitions and hurdles.

It combines viewpoints from small business trailblazers, with survey data gathered from over 1000 tradespeople, to create a clear viewpoint of the next five years.

five Themes shaping the future

Like us, you are no doubt looking ahead to what’s next for Australia’s trades and construction industries.

Explore five key themes shaping residential building and maintenance, plus examples of them in action.

A male and female tradie in discussion.
Two young female tradies smile at the camera.
A younger and older male tradie smile at the camera
A male tradie puts tools in his branded van
Two male tradies wearing bright shirts smile at the camera
Download the full report to explore all themes and mindsets for 2024.